Sustainability & Transparency

An uncompromising commitment

We believe in not compromising and going above and beyond for the quality of our products and the people involved every step of the way.

Ethically sourced

Adding value and insight by providing as much traceability as possible on every single coffee. We visit each of the producers we work with and develop long-term relationships with them.

From the journal

Meet Jorge

Jorge has worked tirelessly to build the production of Bolivian speciality coffee helping hundreds of local farmers.

Meet La mEsa

In Colombia, we are partnering with La mEsa, a family-owned company, dedicated to sourcing and exporting exceptional Colombian coffee.

World Coffee Research

With issues like climate change, new diseases, increasing costs of production, the coffee industry is at risk. This is how we can change it.

The cost of coffee: why you should care

What is coffee? Where does coffee come from? How does it reach our tables? We tell you everything, one sip at a time.